Seika Jogakuin Koutoubu Kounin Sao Oji-San Episode 3 English subbed


Brand: T-Rex

Brand Uploads: 39

Release Date: 2022-08-05

Upload Date: 2022-08-05

Alternate Title: OVA 聖華女学院公認竿

おじさん #3 巴と美桜と、


OVA Seika Jogakuin Koutoubu Kounin Sao Oji-san is a hentai anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by DOLL PLAY (Kurosu Gatari), released in July 2022. At the moment, the author has published five chapters and T-Rex studio will release a full-fledged OVA for four of them. “After my friend’s business failed, he went missing, and due to the fact that I was the guarantor in the loans, his debts passed to me… Now I have a huge debt,

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